FA Cup, 09/11/14, Norton 0 Gateshead 4

    Norton United are in the Evostick Division 1 league, which is quite a low division I the non-league. Gateshead however, are in the conference league and before the match were 2nd from the top. Quite a competition for Norton. This match is the most important Norton game in the history of Norton United, you had to pre-book a ticket. Norton United's ground is usually quite empty, but today is was packed. I reckon there was around 2, 500 tickets sold.
   Before the game there was a food and beer tent which sold burgers and hotdogs to the fans. There was a standing area which was covered in hay for the event so that the ground does not get muddy, and a live band playing as well. Quite a lot of atmosphere was going on before the game! The game kicked off at 2:00pm with heavy traffic all around the ground. It was completely packed with barely anywhere to stand as well.
  The game started with Norton having most of the possession, doing slightly better than Gateshead. Gateshead got the first goal, leaving the Norton fans very disappointed. Gateshead got another two goals before half-time, which was heavily disappointing, yet bound to happen of course, remembering that Gateshead are in the conference league! The second half approached and Norton were absolutely hammered by Gateshead again, and let in another goal without scoring any!



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Stoke v Sunderland

Barclays Premier League, 23/11/13, Stoke 2 Sunderland 0

Stoke were far better today than before this season, I haven't even bothered doing reports for the other games because what is there to say on 0-0's or 0-1's all the time? Well, at least finally they have dragged themselves up to at least win a game. The first half held one goal that was quite good and I was very happy with Stoke. The second half held another goal to Stoke which meant the final score made 2-0 to Stoke, a very successful victory for them, though now I am starting to have second thoughts about whether Mark Hughes was a good choice to be the new manager. 

Stoke v Norwich

Barclays Premier League, 29th September 2013, Stoke 0 Norwich 1

Stoke were doing extremely well this season but recently they have fallen behind (after this game and v Fulham) into 15th Place, 5th to 15th in such short time. Here is a snip of the table to show you where Stoke and Norwich are at the moment.

Anyway, this game was very boring because Stoke didn't score a goal. In the first half Norwich scored a goal by Jonathon Howson on the 33rd minute, and I didn't think that Stoke would get a goal back the way it was going, and it looks like I was right.

Stoke had more of the possession than Norwich but Norwich had beaten them on everything else (Shots, Shots on target, corners, less fouls, etc.)

Thank you for reading!

Stoke v Manchester City

Barclays Premier League, 14th September 2013, Stoke 0 Man City 0

Stoke city have made a good start to the season so far, winning a lot of their games which was not very often last season. Oh No, they are against Man City, however are they going to beat or draw with the past league winners and past FA Cup winners. It's  a challenge for Mark Hughes to get Stoke playing brilliantly for the game.

The game kicks off and Stoke are playing better than Man City, Wow. Stoke are occasionally on the attack but so are Man City, this could be close. Stoke still manage to play extremely well against Man City and managed to keep the score 0-0.

I think that Stoke played well today, even though it was 0-0, because this is Man City they were against!

Stoke v Crystal Palace

Barclays Premier League, 24th August 2013

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Stoke won their first home game with Hughes. An amazing victory for the potters! The first half was not so good though, because Stoke were losing 0-1 to Palace but that soon changed after Stoke scored once (Adam) and then again! I knew Hughes would be a good manager for Stoke. Lets hope they carry on their good luck at home.

Liverpool v Stoke

Barclays Premier League, 17th August 2013, Liverpool 1 Stoke 0

This was Stoke's first game of the season, Mark Hughe's first game with Stoke as well and I was expecting Hughes to be reasonably good, which he proberely will be later on in the seaon but today was unlucky as Stoke lost to Liverpool Fc who won 1-0, goal scored by Daniel Sturridge on the 36th Minuite. It was unlucky they didn't equilise in the time that they had, they had over half the game. Oh well, lets hope they do better on Saturday.

Atherton v Daisy Hill

Home:                  Atherton
Away:                  Daisy Hill
Admission:           £5.00 Adult, Children Free
Programme:         £1.00
Ground Quality:    9/10

This game was played at Atherton football club against a good team, Daisy Hill. The first 20 or so minutes had no goals scored but a couple of minutes later a cracking goal was scored by Daisy Hill. Then there was no goals scored until the second half where an equiliser was scored. The score then remained equal until near the end when Daisy Hill scored the final goal of the game making the final score 1-2. The ground was very nice, new railings, refreshment bar and clubhouse, nice stand but the pitch was on a massive slope.

Stoke v Norwich

Barclays Premier League, 28th April, Stoke 1 Norwich 0

Today was a good day  for Stoke City! Finally they have won at home. In the first half it was quite a boring match with little action taking place. When the second half arrived things were better. Firstly Stoke scored a magnificent goal, and we got very close to another. A brilliant victory for The Potters, maybe they won't get relegated after all, but who kows?

By www.dylansfootballandstuff.blogspot.com

Stoke v Manchester United

Barclays Premier League, 14th April  2013, Unknown Score

Stoke are in big trouble! They wil proberely get relegated at this rate. They barely score any goals at all and they barely ever win any games at all!  Today's match was terrible for Stoke City! In the 3rd Minuite Stoke City let in an easy goal from Manchester United! Then no more goals were scored in the first half. In the second half Manchester United scored a penalty  and there were  no more goals for the rest of the game. A terrible result for Stoke and it looks like Stoke will get relegated. If Stoke do get relegated I hope that  Stoke have a new manager.
By Dylan's Football.

Stoke city v Aston Villa

Barclys Premier Leaague, 8th April 2013, Stoke 1 Aston Villa 3

Today was a gam hat Stoke had to win, otherwise Stoke might have been in the relegation zone. In the first half Stoke didn't score but Aston Villa scored 1 goal,not so good so far. Then inthe second half firstly Stoke scored to make the score 1-1. Next Aston Villa scored again and it didn't look like they would win. After that goal it was 2-1. The final goal was scored by Aston Villa and the game ended 2-1.

I wonder if Stoke will get relegated!

Stoke v West Brom

Barclays Premier League, 16th March 2013, Stoke 0 West Brom 0

Today was a Stoke game played at the Britannia Stadium. This game was very noring because no goals were scored . Tony Pulis is not doing very well recently because Stoke haven't won a game in ages.

Stoke v Newcastle

Today our away game was played in Newcastle (St. James Park). In the first half no goals were scored at all. In the second half firstly Stoke scored a goal  ( Jonathon Walters scored). Then we thought that we might win but Newcastle scored a goal and the score was 1-1. The next goal was scored by Newcastle's Papiss Sisse and the gsme ended 2-1.

Stoke v West Ham

Barclays Premier League, 2nd March 2013, Stoke 0 West Ham 1

What a dissapointing game today, a dreadful score and it was very boring. In the first half no goals were scored until West Ham scored in injury time. I thought Stoke could easily score in the first half. In the second half no goals were scored and the referee was terrible. I couldn't belive that Stoke lost to West Ham at HOME.

By http://www.dylansfootballandstuff.

Stoke v Reading

Barclays Premier League, 9th February, Stoke 2 Reading 1

Reading were having a brilliant run before this game, but further down the table than  Stoke. The first half was fairly boring because no goals were scored, but Stoke were close to a goal a few times. I thought that Stoke were playing better than Reading in the first half. Then, in the second half Stoke scored in the 66th minuite, a brilliant goal by Robert Huth, heading it in. Then, a while later Stoke scored again on the 80th minuite, Cameron Jerome scored. Then Reading scored and I was dissapointed but Stoke still kept the lead and won, 2-1. 

Stoke v Wigan

Barclays Premier League, 29th Jan 2013, Stoke 2 Wigan 2

Stoke were rubbish today. Stoke scored 1 goal in the first half which was very good. I thought that Stoke would win. Then, at the very start of the second half, Stoke scored again. Then Wigan scored twice aand it was 2-2.

Stoke v Chelsea

Barclay's Premier League, 12th January 2013, Stoke 0 Chelsea 4

Today we were absolutely hammered by Chelsea, we let in 4 goals. In the first half Stoke were actually playing better than Chelsea, I thought, but Walters scored an OWN GOAL, and I couldn't see them coming back! Then in the second half Walters scored another own goal and missed a penalty to make the score 0-2 to Chelsea. Stoke had a chance on that penalty. Then Chelsea scored two more times and Stoke’s chances were lost. The match ended 0-4, the first home game lost this season.

Stoke v Southhampton

Barclays Premier League, 29th December 2012, Stoke 3 Southampton 3

WHAT A GAME THAT WAS. Southampton scored first and it was 1-0, I was very disappointed because Southampton are 9 places behind Stoke. Then Stoke scored before the 15th minute, it was very good to get an equalizer before the 15th minute! Then Southampton scored another 2 times and the score was 1-3. Half time was approaching and I was dissapointed. n the second half Matthew Upson scored. Then Jerome scored and the final score was 3-3. An amazing come back by Stoke. Amazing game!

Stoke v Liverpool

Barclays Premier League, 26th December 2012, Stoke 3 Liverpool 1

This game was amazing! In the first minute Stoke handballed it and Liverpool got a penalty and scored. I thought that Stoke might lose this game quite early on. Then before the 4th minute Walters snatched a brilliant goal to equalize, it was now 1-1 before the 4th minute. Then Stoke scored again, Kenwyn Jones on the 12th minute, he scored a header off a corner. Things were going well for Stoke, we were winning 2-1 before the 12th minute. Then no more goals were scored before the first half! In the second half Stoke scored again to make the score 3-1. The final score was 3-1, what a brilliant result for Stoke.

Stoke v Everton

Barclays Premier League, 15th December 2012, Stoke1 Everton 1

On the 15th of December 2012 Stoke Citty were at home versing Everton. Everton scored early on in the second half and the score was 1-0. Then Stoke scored to make the score 1-1. The match ended a a draw.

Aston Villa v Stoke

Barclays Premier League, 8th December 2012, Stoke 0 Aston Villa 0

Stoke played reasonably well today, despite not winning the game. I think they played a little bit better than Aston Villa for most of today's match. This game was incredibly boring, because there were NO goals scored.

A very boring game, but well done Stoke AGAIN

West Brom v Stoke

Barclys Premier League, 1st December 2012, West Brom 0 Stoke 1

In the first half of the match Stoke City and West Brom didn't score and things were very boring. I didn't think they would score in the second half after watching the first but then Stokescored a fantastic goal on the 74th minuite by Dean Whitehead. I thought that West Brom might have got an equilizer, but no, they didn't score for the entire game.

Well Done Stoke, AGAIN!

Stoke v Newcastle

Barclays Premier League, 28th November 2012, Stoke 2 Newcastle 1

Today's game was absolutely outstanding. Newcastle scored quite early on in the game. I was fairly dissapointed. Then (on the 81st minuite) I knew that Newcastle were going to win but then Stoke scored a cracking goal and it was 1-1. A draw would have been nice but then Stoke scored AGAIN on the 87th minuite.
Things couldn't go better!

West Ham v Stoke City

Barclays Premier League, 19th November 2012, Stoke 1 West Ham 1

Stoke City scored quite early on (12th minuite) and things were going very well. I was so excited but then West Ham got a goal in scored by Joey O' Brian on the 47th minuite. It wasquite dissapointing because Stoke's first goal was very good. After Stoke's goal I didn't think there would be any more.

Stoke v QPR

Barclays Premier League, 10th November 2012, Stoke 1 QPR 0

Qpr haven't scored yet this league, so I wasn't expecting QPR to win Stoke, and they didn't.
Stoke were 15th in the league and that is fairly low for Stoke. QPR were second to bottom, and their manager might be sacked soon if they don't start winning. The first half was boring and Stoke weren't very good, but then in he second they scored and had a few chances. Good Game.

Stoke v Sunderland

Barclays Premier League, 27th October 2012 Stoke 0 Sunderland 0

I was very disappointed by Stoke City today because they have only scored very few goals in quite a few games. This match was so boring because Stoke City just didn’t try hard enough. In the last ten minutes Stoke were playing better and almost scored!   I thought that Stoke could beat Sunderland easily!


Manchester United v Stoke City

Barclay Premier league, 20th October 2012, Man 4 Stoke 2

I think Stoke getting 2 goals at Old Trafford was  brilliant. Stoke City lost 4-2 but it was against Manchester United. The first goal was scored by Wayne Rooney for Stoke (own goal). The second was scored by Wayne Rooney for Manchester. The third was scored by Robin van Persie (2-1). The fourth was scored by Danny Welbeck making the score 3-1. The thith was scored by Michael Kightly, sixth was Rooney, and the final Micheal Kightly.

Stoke v Liverpool

Barclays Premier League, 07/10/12, Stoke 0 : Liverpool 0

Liverpool were at home. It was a very boring game because no goal were scored. Stoke have only scored 6 goals in 7 games.

Britannia Stadium

Stoke v Manchester City

Premier League 15th September 2012, Stoke 1 Man City 1

Last year Man City won the league so you would expect them to win but they didn't. Stoke City scored the first goal and it was amazing. Nobody expected Stoke to score against Man City. Peter Crouch handballed it before scoring Stoke's first goal. Even though it was a handball the referee allowed the goal. The second goal was scored by Francisco Javi Garcia for Man City and that was the end of the game. Well Done Stoke City.

Wigan v Stoke Ciy

Premier League, 1st September 2012, Wigan 2 Stoke 2

What a game, it was one of the best games ever. In the fourth minuite Shaun Malony scored for Wigan and I didn't think Stoke would do very well . Then Walters  scored an equilizer and it started to get exciting. the next goal was scored by Franco de Santo for Wigan. Then Peter Crouch scored another equilizer making the final score 2-2. The game was very exciting, mostly exciting when Stoke scored thier first equilizer. Brilliant game, even though Stoke didn't win.

Stoke v Arsenal

Barclays Premier League, 26th August 2012, Stoke 0 Arsenal 0

This game was fairly boring although it wasn't that bad because there was a few good shots. Very early on in the game I thought Stoke City scored but it was offside. Also very early on in the game arsenal were close to scoring but they just missed. I thought this game would be high scoring but it was awful after the irst 15 minuites. Stoke City had some empty seats opposite where I was sitting. A bad start to the season.

By Dylan's Football 

Bloxwich United v Stafford Town

The Athium Midland Football Combination Premier Division, 21st August 2012, Bloxwich 1 Stafford Town 0

This game was fairly boring although there was some good goalkeeping. Bloxwich scored and I was supporting Stafford Town so I was fairly dissapointed because they didn't score again. I was hoping it would be quite high scoring but it wsn't. Also it was the worst maintined ground ever, where you standed the grass was about 1 metre tall. The clubhouse was very nice though.

Abbey Hay v Leek CSOB

North West County league Division 1, August, Abbey   Hay 4  Leek CSOB 2

This game was held in Manchester and obviously was non-league. For a club of this size it had a very nice ground that was quite posh compared to leek town although it only had a wooden bench as seats. I wanted leek CSOB to win because I support Leek Town. Leek had a surprizing comeback because at half time they were miles down and at one point it was 3-2. Great Game, even though we didn't win.

QPR v Stoke

Premier League, 6th May 2012, QPR 1 Stoke 0

Stoke are dropping down the table a lot recently! But Stoke today LOST to QPR... The first half was absolutely boring and no goals went in. Then in the second half QPR's Djibril Cisse scored on the 88th Minuite. It was very dissapointing to Stoke and it meant that we were 14th in the table. Last season we were playing so much better.

The final of the FA Cup

Fa Cup final, 5th May 2012, Chealsea 2 Liverpool 1

This game was won by Chealsea by 2-1. For some reason I thought Liverpool was going to win but I was wrong.
Chelsea had 14 shots and Liverpool had 18.
Chelsea had 1 corner and Liverpool had 7.
Chelsea had 5 fouls and Liverpool had 8.

Stoke v Everton

Barclays Premier League, 1st May 2012, Stoke 1 Everton 1

Stoke are dropping down the table towards the bottom. Stoke were playing very well last season but this season not quite as well. Stoke scored an OWN GOAL in the first half, Peter Crouch scored it. We could have won 1-0 if that wasn't an own goal. Then in the second half it was a goal for Everton scored by Cameron Jerome. It was a quite exciting game.

Stoke v Arsenal

Barclays Premier League, Stoke 1 Arsenal 1

Today was quite a tough game for Stoke City but we did quite well. Stoke scored first and it was really exciting but then it was disapointing because Arsenal caught up and it was 1-1. Stoke played well against Arsenal. Stoke are now 14th in the table and Arsenal are 3rd. That means that stoke are more than 10 places further down the table than Arsenal!

Newcastle v Stoke

Premier League, 21st April 2012, Newcastle 3 Stoke 0.

Stoke did not play well today. Newcastle are doing so good this season. Remember when they were in the Championship League. They are now 4th. I wonder if they will win the league soon. This game was quite bad for Stoke City because they are now 14th.

Main Road v Norton

Vodkat Cup Semi-Final, Main Road 2 Norton 0

For Norton to win this game and get into the Final of the Vodkat cup they had to win by 2 goals. Main Road were a division above Norton. Main Road scored 1 in the first half and that meant that Norton had to win by three goals to win. Then when there was about 20 minuites left Main Road scored again. Main Road were timewasting massively. There were also no ball boys, so the person taking the corner/goal kick/ throw in had to get the ball themselves and duck under the bar.


Stoke v Newcastle

Premier League, 21st April 2012, Stoke 0 Newcastle 3

Wow. I simply can't belive that. Newcastle 3 Stoke 0. This game was played at Newcastle's ground but still this defeat is beyond belive.

Leek v New Mills

Evostick South, Leek 4 New Mills 0

What a game! All the players were absolutely covered in mud because of the rain. Around the goal was the most muddy. I can not believe the game wasn't cancelled.

Leek won 4-0! What a win. Leek Town were so much better than New Mills. The match was really exciting.

That Was The most muddy game I have ever been to! 

Aston Villa v Stoke

Premier League, 9th April 2012, Aston Villa 1 Stoke City 1

Aston Villa are close to the bottom of the table. Aston Villa scored first and the Stoke City fans didn't get their hopes up. 1-0 down at half time was very disapointing. Then in the second half Stoke scored... It was now 1-1.

Stoke took 7 shots and Aston Villa took 7.            
Stoke took 5 corners and Villa took 4.
Stoke took 9 fouls and Aston Villa took 9.

Stoke v Wolverhampton

Premier League, Saturday 7th April 2012, Stoke 2 Wolverhampton 1

Wolverhampton's goal of avoiding relegation was taken away when Stoke beat them today. The attendance of today's match was 27,005. Stoke took 14 shots at goal and Wolves took 9. Stoke took 3 Corners and Wolves took 8. Stoke took 7 fouls and Wolves took 11. I thought Stoke were going to win. After this game Stoke were 12th in the table and Wolves were last. It looks like Wolves will get relegated!

Leek v Loughborough Dynamo

Evostick South, 31st March 2012, Leek 3 Loughborough 1

In the first half it was as boring as watching Spanish football. Loughborough scored 1 in the first half and I was thinking it would be as boring as this the whole game. In the second half things were starting to get better! Leek scored three goals and it was really exiting. Matt Hadrell scored a penalty and number 2 playing for Loughborough Dynamo almost started fighting him. The referee however didn't send him off!
A great game.


Wigan v Stoke

Premier League, 31 March 2012, Wigan 2 Stoke 0

What on earth! Stoke lost to Wigan!

Wigan took 13 Shots and Stoke took 6.
Wigan took 8 corners and Stoke took 1.
Wigan did 14 fouls and Stoke did 13.

Wigan were better than Stoke in this match. I still can not belive it!

Stoke v Man City

Premier League, 24th March 2012, Stoke 1 Man City 1

Peter Crouch scored a wonder goal during today's match. Stoke played really well against Man City and deserved at least a draw.

He's tall
He's red
His feet stick out the bed
Peter Crouch...Peter Crouch

Stoke v Norwich

Premier League, 3rd March, Stoke 1 Norwich 0

I thought it was fairly obvious that Stoke would win Norwich at home. Today Stoke made it so they were in the top half of the table.
On the 71st minuite Mathew Etherington scored.
In the game there were 11 shots by Stoke, and 7 by Norwich.
There were 8 corners to Stoke, and 2 to Norwich.
The fouls were 10 to Stoke, and 16 to Norwich.
Finally the possesion, Stoke's possession was 53%, and Norwich the possesion was 47%.
I think if you look at those stats of the game neally evrybody would have to admit Stoke deserved a few more goals.

Valencia v Stoke

Europe League, 22nd Feb 2012, Valencia 2 -0 Stoke

Today was a tough game playing Valencia away and I didn't think they would win. Stoke had a huge amount of bookings all the time! Stoke are now out of the Europe League, but there are some very strange clubs still in the Europe League!

Stoke v Crawley

Premier League, 19th Ferbuary 2012, Stoke 2 Crawley 0

Delap was sent off early on in the game, then Walters scored a penalty after 42 mins, then Crouch scored a header after 52 mins.

Before the game I was thinking that Stoke were going going to beat crawley easily but they only beat them by 2 goals, I was expecting a bit more action as well.

This now means that Stoke are in the quarter finals.

Stoke Vs Valencia

Europe league Knockout Stages 1st leg, 16th Jan 2012, Stoke 0-1 Valencia

Last night's game was extremley action-packed and exiting. In the first half I thought Stoke were going to win, they were playing some good football, when it reached half time it was 0-0. In the second half Stoke were not playing as well, and paniking slightly, and when they got the ball they gave it away too quickly, that's when Valencia scored.
It was fairly dissapointing that Stoke didn't score in the first half, and it is the first time I have ever seen Stoke lose when I am at the Brittannia Stadium out of about 13 matches.
Overall it was a very exiting game .

Stoke City v Sunderland

Premier league, 4th February 2012, Stoke 0 Sunderland 1

WHAT ON EARTH. Why have Sunderland beaten Stoke when Stoke are at home? It is unbeliveable. Tony Pulis (Stoke City manager) was very dissapointed with Stoke today. Stoke city had a better possesion and had more shots, corners and fouls.
Why did Stoke lose?

Manchester United v Stoke City

Premier league, 31st January 2012, Manchester United 2 Stoke City 0.

Manchester United won this game but not just for scoring they had a better possession, the least red cards, more shots and more corners.
Huth, Wilkinson and Walters got yellow cards.
This game was played at Old Trafford.

Stoke v w'brom

Saturday 21st jan 2011, Barclays premier league, Stoke 1 West brom 2.

Stoke city played awful today. I don't know how on earth w'brom won. Stoke had a little bit more possesion.

Blackburn v Stoke

Premier league, 2.1.12, Blackburn 1 Stoke 2.

Stoke have been playing very well recently since the semi-final started. I have been to 12 Stoke city games but I have never seen them lose. In the first half Stoke scored 2 goals. Then in the second Blackburn scored . Exiting.

Leek town v Kidsgrove

Evostick south, 2/1/12, Leek 0 Kidsgrove 1.

Today we were expecting a lot more people at Harrison park because Leek and Kidsgrove are not far away from each other. The pitch was very muddy and there was a lot of slipping and sliding going on. Not very exiting match but some great shots and goals were taken. Kidsgrove won mostly because of Leek's defence, they won 1-0. I took a video of the goal Kidsgrove scored, the video is below on the left.

Stoke v Wigan

Premier league, 31.12.11, Stoke 2 Wigan 2.

Stoke city were playing very good, way better than Wigan. Wigan's defence wasn't very good but then in the first half Wigan scored even though stoke kept on attacking them. It was half time, but then when the second half Stoke scored, It was 1-1. After than a while later Stoke scored again, it was now 2-1. Stoke was taking loads of shots but not scoring but then Wigan scored, it was now 2-2. The game ended.
A very good and action packed game, Stoke deserved to win.

Stoke city v Wolverhampton

Premier league, Stoke 2  Wolves 1

In the first half Wolves scored on a penalty. In the second stoke scored 2. Great game

Eastwood town v Workington

Blue Square Bet North, Eastwood 0  - Workington 3

Eastwood town have recently been losing to many teams away and at home. In this match Eastwood were just playing really badly. Eastwood could have maybe got a goal in, they did take some good shots, but in the second half they just lost confidence. The game was not very action packed. In the end Workington won 3-0 and they deserved it.

Stoke City v Dynamo kiev

Europe league, Stoke 1 Dynamo 1

YES Stoke have now (because of this match) qualified for the knock-out stages of the Europe league. In the first half Dynamo scored and everyone thought that Stoke wouldn't qualify. But in the second half Stoke SCORED. But then after that Dynamo kept on almost scoring.Not a very exiting match. The Europe league table E is below showing below, the league table of 1/11/11 (after the match).

Group E

3Dinamo Kiev4110210111205
4Maccabi Tel Aviv40112300218-81

Bolton v Everton

Premier league, Bolton 0 Everton 2

Quite a boring game but I am not sure. There were no scorers for Bolton but for for Everton Fellaini (49)
Vellios (78) scored.

Arsenal v fulham

Premier league, Arsenal 1 Fulham 1

Arsenal have LOST to Fulham. They just keep on losing but it is good to see Fulham or small teams beating bigger teams. The scorers were Vermaelen (82) For arsenal and Vermaelen (65) scored an own goal.